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Shift in Progress

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Shift In Progress CoverInterviews with young workers plus the real-life experiences of the artist participants provided the material for the 5 uniquely illustrated stories that are contained in the graphic story anthology that is Shift in Progress: A Not-So-Comic Book.

Some of the moving stories in this book simply draw a vivid picture of some of the ways young workers are oppressed; others propose actions that workers can take towards bettering their workplaces. It is hoped that the book may inspire workers young and old to make changes of their own.

The launch party for Shift was a great success! People bought copies and had them signed by the artists at Happy Harbor Comics on November 20, 2008. Look for copies at local (Edmonton) comic book stores or order yours directly from the branch (link to order form below)!

Shift in Progress is a publication of the Edmonton branch of the Industrial workers of the World and was funded through Edmonton’s 2007 Cultural Capital Community Program, “Voices Less Heard.”

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